Flame Ballet

FlameBrain Glass

This fractal* moves and flows and transforms.  It is about an awakening of spirit, with passion and life. In this place there is a clarity that reflects and reveals, much like a mirror and a window.


Material/s: Ink on Paper
Size: Prints come in different sizes (up to 38″ H x 48″ W).
*Fractal: A visual representation of a mathematical formula which forms a pattern. For example, a fern leaf is an example of a fractal in nature.
Veristart Certified: FlameBrain Glass

  • red fractal image with purple swooshing lines though it

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Sculptor creating works that defy gravity with fluid movement often combining both cast glass and stone. Heidi works with interior designers, corporations, and individuals on commissions from her studio Etherworks Sculpture & Illuminations in Ontario, Canada.


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